The Top 5 Ways to Incorporate
Cloud at Your Utility Today


When looking for ways to start incorporating cloud within your utility, it’s best to start with base applications that are standardized, and areas of exploration for your utility.

Standardized applications are those that are critical to running a business, but do not vary much from one company to the next. Examples could include financial, human resources and payroll applications, and even some critical applications such as the customer information system.

Areas of exploration refer to those applications and projects that are more focused on quickly evolving, new ideas. These are often launched in a pilot mode to allow the utility to try out an idea, quickly iterate, and retain some flexibility to change course along the way. For these areas, cloud offers the speed and flexibility to “play in the sandbox” by trying things out, and then quickly changing course when necessary.

As a first step, take all of your existing applications running today and slot them into the above-referenced framework. For those applications that fall into the above categories, begin thinking about how your utility can be more flexible by using a cloud solution, or how you can improve your operational efficiency and the focus of your IT staff by pushing some of these applications—in part or in their entirety—to the cloud. Finally, for any new application, try adopting a “cloud first” or “is cloud an option?” approach.

Here are some ideas to get you started.