The Guide to Edge Computing - Why it matters to your customers’ experience and your operations

The opportunities presented by emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) are exciting. Business and IT leaders can do things better, or create entirely new experiences or outcomes.

However, adoption of these technologies may involve challenging the current assumption: namely, that all IT applications should be moved into centralised data centres or cloud computing centres.

The ICT industry has been heavily promoting a “centralisation to cloud” or colocation mantra for several years, and many enterprises have enacted cloud-first programs as a result. Despite this, there are legitimate business and technical reasons for organisations to consider placing equipment and applications at the edge of networks, to complement cloud approaches.

This whitepaper will outline the business case for edge computing, and why it’s important for your customers’ experience in future. This report provides you with:

● An explanation of what edge computing is, and is not;
● The business and technical drivers for adopting edge computing;
● Examples of the possible applications of edge computing;
● A checklist of strategy questions to ask of your own organisation’s approach.