Profitable Safety – Improving Real Time Operational Safety to Jumpstart the Profit Engine

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Traditionally safety and profitability have appeared to be diametrically opposed concepts for many manufacturing and production operations.

Since the primary objective for a manufacturing or production business is to drive profitability, protecting the safety of the plant’s people, assets and environment have often been viewed as somewhat necessary evils.

As such, industrial E&S teams have typically been viewed as adjunct organisations that are not part of the mainstream business. And that has made their job more and unnecessarily challenging. It is a bold idea to go in a different direction? Not with new state-of-the-art control theory. It is now understood that the safety of the operation can have a direct, positive impact on the operational profitability of the plant. EH&S can now be viewed not just as a cost center, but as a profit center, and new levels of both safety and profitability can result.

Real-time safe profitability is no longer a dream—it is a reality!

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