Software AG Rated as a Leading Vendor in Machnation’s 2018 IoT Application Enablement Scorecard

How to Choose the Right IoT Application Enablement Platform For Your Organisation

A well-built IoT Application Enablement Platform (AEP) is crucial to most business leaders. However, with the noise and over-excitement around this topic, some real challenges can be overlooked.

Given the complexity of IoT vendor landscape, many business leaders believe they must choose between a platform that delivers value quickly and one that develops sophisticated custom solutions. Fortunately, your organisations don’t necessarily have to compromise.

MachNation, a leading provider of insights services, has developed a report rating Software AG as a leading vendor in 2018 IoT application enablement. It explores Software AG’s unique strengths, and how their platform can be used in organisations.

If you’re a Business, IT, or Digital leader, looking to adopt an effective IoT AEP within your organisation, this whitepaper is for you.

You will gain insights to:

    ● How the IoT application enablement space is growing into one of the most critical technology                                    sectors;

    ● The 4 key factors MachNation uses to analyse IoT vendors; and

    ● Software AG’s 3 unique strengths and how MachNation believes these will help transform the                                  IoT ecosystem. 

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