Migrating to Microsoft Azure Can Be Simple. Learn The 7 Steps To Get Started.

Moving to the cloud with Microsoft Azure creates the potential for some significant commercial benefits. These include more strategic use of IT resources, long-term cost savings, and a sustainable competitive advantage. With the right technology and processes, organisations can make their move to Microsoft Azure an easy one.

Rackspace, a leading provider of IT as a service, has developed a whitepaper that describes seven proven steps to get started with Microsoft Azure. At every step, you can benefit from the help of an experienced guide who’s been there before.

By outsourcing management to a seasoned partner, like Rackspace, you can reduce your risk and shorten your time to value while getting more value from Azure faster, with less risk of mistakes.

If you’re a Business, IT, or Information Security leader, looking to adopt Microsoft Azure, this whitepaper is for you. You will discover how to:

● Define your organisation’s goals for utilising the cloud;
● Effectively plan and budget for employing Microsoft Azure; and
● Choose the best strategy to protect and secure your cloud environment.