Is Your Organisation Using Algorithmic Insurance to Optimise Business Operations? 

Today, firms that want to win and retain valuable customers, must invest in digital transformation to protect and advance their business. The insurance industry is turning to analytics to create Algorithmic Insurance as a competitive advantage. Transform your business into an algorithmic insurer by deploying pricing and propensity models you build and control to gain advantage over competitors using industry-standard black box software packages.

By leveraging new technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), insurance organisations can use dynamic pricing, real-time fraud detection, predictive claims, and telematics to automate and streamline business processes. These innovations are necessary to gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

If you are a Pricing, Actuarial, or Underwriting professional in the insurance industry, this report is designed for you. In the report, you will discover how to:

● Improve and prepare data in real-time to help you develop faster, and deeper insights;
● Identify unique patterns in large data to help you make better decisions;
● Leverage new technologies to accelerate your response-time to customer demands.