Is Your Organisation Successfully Detecting and Managing Fraud?

Many organisations, from a variety of industries and government agencies, struggle with the growing problem of financial crime. As criminals use technology to upscale operations, preventing fraud will become even more challenging.

And yet, early adopter organisations are using advanced analytics to effectively tackle financial crime. For example, real-time pattern detection and automatic alerts can help business leaders identify fraud in its early stages - in some cases before it has even taken place.

ACL, a global leader in data analytics for risk and fraud, has developed this whitepaper to discuss how organisations can use advanced analytics to detect, assess and prevent fraud.

This whitepaper is designed for Finance or Compliance business leaders. It presents 3 key steps you must implement to prevent, manage, and reduce white collar crime in your organisation.

You will discover how to:

• Incorporate machine learning models with business rules to detect fraud;
• Look for new patterns of activity and audit possibilities suggested by the data to identify     new financial crimes; and 
• Operationalise fraud detection and investigation as a system to reduce overall white-         collar crime within your organisation.