Is Your Organisation Effectively Combating P-Card and T&E Expense Fraud? 

Fraudulent use of purchasing cards (P-Cards) and travel & entertainment expenses (T&E) are the most common types of white collar crime. These are often symptomatic of an unethical attitude amongst some employees, and can create considerable monetary losses for organisations.

Although P-Card and T&E fraud are commonplace, they can be addressed with the right technology and processes. With the help of data analytics, business leaders can create well-designed controls to identify and reduce financial crime.

ACL, a global leader in risk management, compliance, and audit analytics for over 30 years, has developed this e-book to help organisations combat P-Card and T&E expense fraud.

If you are a Business, Finance, or Compliance leader, this e-book is designed for you. It provides you with insights to identifying and managing fraud, and improving your internal detection programs.

You will discover how to:

• Use data analytics to detect fraudulent activity on P-Card and T&E expenses;
• Create an efficient automated fraud detection process by implementing 11 proven               steps; and
• Effectively manage and optimise the detection process to reduce overall financial crime.

According to ACL’s 2013 GRC Technology Pulse Survey, internal fraud and abuse is a great concern for organisations.