Is Your Organisation Effectively Combating Cyber Attacks? 

Cybercrime is rife in today’s fast-growing economies. While cybercrime advances, cyber threat detection and prevention technologies haven’t been able to keep up. This makes it difficult for organisations to achieve truly effective endpoint protection.

While technical progress has been made, their

deficiencies leave organisations exposed to
vulnerabilities and attacks. As a result, choosing
the right endpoint security is imperative for
successful cybercrime prevention. However, for
many business leaders, knowing which solution
offers the requisite capabilities is difficult.

FireEye, a global leader in cybersecurity, developed this e-book to help organisations choose the right endpoint security solution. The guide presents a checklist of pertinent questions to ask when evaluating endpoint security offerings.

This e-Book is designed for IT or Endpoint Security professionals. You will discover:

• The 5 crucial capabilities every endpoint security solution should have;
• The essential questions to ask in order to understand how a solution can combat     
cyber attacks; and
• How to effectively evaluate endpoint security solutions offerings to find the right       one for your organisation.