Has Your Organisation Moved Toward
AI, Machine Learning, and NLP?

Most professionals believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are the domain of data scientists only. Yet recent developments in computing power have made these technologies immediately accessible to everyday business users.

In fact, early adopters are using AI to develop a superior understanding of their customers, improve fraud and risk analysis, and identify emerging business trends. Other leading-edge companies are using NLP to build B2B applications - like interactive chatbots - to generate new customer and market intelligence.

In a recent survey by TDWI, 43% of the respondents indicated that they were already implementing these technologies in their organisations; and 90% of these respondents indicated that they were using both commercial and open source products. Many in fact use open source tools within a commercial product.

This whitepaper is designed for IT, Marketing, or Customer Experience professional. You will discover:

● How organisations are using ML, NLP, and AI to overcometheir biggest              analytics  challenges;
● The importance of new open source models and automated intelligence;          and
● Recommendations and best practices for implementing these                              technologies in your organisation, to grow revenue and competitive                    advantage.

of respondents are already implementing AI, ML, and NLP in their organisations.
from these respondents use both commercial and open source tools/products.