Has Your Organisation Implemented
an Internal Fraud Prevention Program? 

Fraudulent activity is rife in today’s fast-growing economies. From employee abuse of corporate purchase cards, to large-scale white collar crime, more organisations are realising the negative impact that internal fraud can have on their business.
While internal control systems are sometimes adequate, their inherent gaps can be exploited by sophisticated criminals. To help prevent financial crime within an organisation, business leaders must know which processes are crucial for detection and prevention, how to implement them, and possess the right enabling technology.
ACL, a global leader in risk management, compliance, and audit analytics for over 30 years, has developed this e-book to help organisations like yours understand how they can use data analytics to identify and resolve financial crimes - often before they materialise.
If you are a Business, Finance, or Compliance leader, this e-book is designed for you. You will discover:
• How to identify areas within a business that may be vulnerable to fraudulent activity;
How to use data analytics to test and monitor internal controls for financial crimes;
• How to launch an effective fraud program by implementing 7 proven steps; and
• Real-life examples of fraud detection and resolution that you can apply to your                 organisation.