Does Your Organisation Find Migrating
to the Cloud Challenging?

Migrating applications can strike fear in even the most seasoned IT professional. With many technical options and variables to consider, migrations can be a nerve-wracking experience for business leaders.

However, by using proper guidelines, organisations can determine the right strategy to execute a successful migration to Microsoft Azure. This could save the organisation time and money, while taking maximum advantage of the cloud.

Rackspace, a leading provider of IT as a service, developed this whitepaper to help organisations planning to migrate to Microsoft Azure. The report presents a 4-step approach to migration, and how to manage common application migration issues.

If you’re an IT, Technology, or Information Security professional, this whitepaper is designed for you. You will discover how to:

● Assess the current state of your organisation’s applications and their readiness         for the cloud;
● Plan for a successful application migration using three distinct methods; and
● Create an effective migration strategy to take maximum advantage of the cloud.