A New Breed of Self-Service BI that both Business and IT Users Need

If you’re an IT or Business leader, it’s unrealistic to think you can run a successful business when your organisation’s decision makers are receiving traditional, static reports delivered to their office desk.

Historical reporting is not enough. Everyone must have access to insights about the future to make the best decisions and keep their companies agile.

Self-service Business Intelligence enables users to access business data based on their own queries, and make decisions on this data - even when these users don’t have a background in BI or data mining.

In this whitepaper, you will gain insights into how self-service BI can help you to:

● Interactively explore data and discover new information;
● Investigate why an event has occurred and find answers;
● Determine what will happen next, including potential future                           outcomes; and
● Meet stakeholder requirements regarding decision making.